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We're really glad you're here.

Deep, supportive conversations are closer than you think.
This is a movement to change the way the world does connection.

And if no one has told you are not alone.

It’s not just you. 

Our society is not built for connection. We know we need support, we give a shit about other people, we’re even emotionally intelligent… but we’re still drowning.

1/4 people illustration

1 in 4

Americans feel they have no one to confide in.

(OnePoll, BetterHelp)

1/4 people illustration

1 in 4

Americans rarely or never feel there are people that really understand them. (Cigna)

9/10 people statistic illustration

9 in 10

people admit to downplaying their emotions so they won’t worry or burden a loved one. (OnePoll, BetterHelp)

1/3 people statistic illustration

1 in 3

Americans feel “serious loneliness” (Harvard)

Now think about this.

If you are someone from an underrepresented racial group, or have a low income, you’re much more likely to be affected by loneliness (Cigna). And LGBTQ+ youth are twice as likely to feel lonely and worry about their mental health (Just Like Us). Unacceptable.

So many of us are feeling alone. 

We need to start talking about our shit. 

We need each other. It's a non-negotiable.

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online community!

You know those moments when you’re really excited or really upset, and want to talk about it…but have no one to call?

Unfortunately, that's a pretty universal experience. So let's change it.

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New book release!
Good, and You?

Why is connection, vulnerability, and support so damn hard sometimes? How can we have more access to each other than ever, and still be so lonely? What will it take for us to open up about the things that actually matter?

If you’re ready to start working towards a new normal, this may be the book for you. Build your raft. We'd love for you to be a part of ours.

Andy and Kayla Izard, founders of The Raft Project

About the Founders

We created this community first and foremost because we needed it! We live by this quote from vulnerability oracle Brenè Brown, “If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.” We really hope there’s a way to change the paradigm for connection in our culture. This project is our attempt to do just that. 

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 - Deidre L.


This project is amazing.

I love you. Now excuse me while I go scream from the rooftops about The Raft Project! Because we the people need it.

We should do this again. 🥰

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You're awesome. Can't wait to get to know you.


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