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Connection and support.
That's our shit.

Let's talk support,
mental health, and community

Connection is glue – without connection, we don't stick together as people. We have thousands of small opportunities every day to build connection. Like synapses firing, our brains are constantly working to either pull us towards another person, or move us further apart. 

We can choose to deepen the connection, or we can shut the door. 






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We've been able to have some deep conversations already...

We're so grateful to be real. Thank you for opening up to us, allowing us to support you, and supporting us as well. 

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Some friends we've made so far...


Jennifer Burwell

The Messy Middle Podcast

Kayla and Andy are some of the most authentic and engaging guests I have ever had the privilege of having on my podcast. They are excellent at asking thoughtful questions and sharing their own story with the goal to help others talk about "the real stuff". They have a powerful message of community and connection to share. I have learned so much from them and am honored to have had them on the show!

We get psyched talking about....

  • How community is imperative for longevity and mental health

  • Why we don't want to be "the strong friend" anymore

  • How the struggle is very real, for all of us

  • What it takes to be a safe place

  • How to ask friends how they're doing...really

  • Why self-care and self-growth is not enough

If you're into that stuff too, email us! (


New book release!
Good, and You?

We're all trying to get by on our own… next to each other. We’re each convinced that we’re the problem. Too needy, too lazy, too insecure.


This Amazon bestseller manifesto-guidebook is about being there for the people in your life, and allowing them to show up for you. We desprately need to start opening up to each other, instead of faking a smile, giving some bullshit answer, and then feeling alone. 



The more people we meet, the more stories we hear, the more we’re convinced that everyone – everyone – is going through stuff. No exceptions. Some of us are trying to handle trauma, and some of us are trying to cope with success. 

None of us have all of our plates spinning perfectly in balance at any given moment, never letting any wobble and fall. And even if we did, fate has a way of switching things up on us eventually. 

- Good, and You?


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Talking about connection gets us so hyped. Let's have a conversation!


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